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A Laid-Back Café In Singapore: Grounded By CMCR

Tied to my previous post, the one on Common Man Coffee Roasters, this café called Grounded is a little gem tucked in a corner one level above its parent company.

Access to this zen-like space is fittingly through a yoga studio – Yoga Movement‘s outlet at Robertson Quay. This is approximately a 7-minute car ride away from Singapore’s shopping epicentre, Orchard Road.


If you can be bothered to muster up some core strength, I highly recommend a class at Yoga Movement. Their classes cater to multiple skill levels, and instructors there are clear and concise in their directions. Not to mention, their space is contemporary, stylish and overall warm and inviting. See those glass panels on the left? Step through those to enter Grounded.


The color scheme here predominantly revolves around earth tones, with a cool marble counter offsetting the deep hues of the other furniture. Just looking at the place makes you feel healthier. Order right here at this very efficient service space.


Expect a strong and acidic brew here, like what the group offers at its level 1 store, Common Man Coffee Roasters. The playful placards advertise anything from the brew of the day to the food special. As seen here in the Balance Burger description, dishes incorporate major food groups and balances out the more sinful items like bacon with more healthful items like kale and organic eggs.


When you have selected your meal and drink (please select some drinks! They are delicious!), consider leaving a tip. Little tip jars are quiet common these days in Singapore cafés. Here, this little pineapple dish is totally on brand for them.


I walked away with a bottle of Gorilla Press juice for my green fix of the day. A bottle of cold press juice every now and then always helps me reset my system and suppress any sicknesses I feel coming my way. The ones from Gorilla Press are tasty and not overly sweet. Plus, I sincerely believe that drinking from a glass bottle tastes much better than from a plastic container.

The little treat in the bag there are Energy Balls, which are enjoying some moment in the spotlight – rolled up dates, nuts and espresso make up a bite of heaven.


As a patron of the yoga studio, I always get a little queasy when I see people come in here with their shoes on, as I step on the ground with my bare feet right after a class. But ever since I have noticed people wearing shoes in, I have picked up the same habit. Do keep this in mind on your visit!

Dino, out!

Tinee Information
22 Martin Road | Level 2 | Singapore 239058
Mon – Sun: 7.30am – 6.00pm





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